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Worst Mistakes that Self Published Authors should avoid

Thought ISBN can be re-used

You cannot re-use an ISBN that you’ve purchased and insert it for your new book even if it’s assigned to one edition as the previous one. The book’s information that has been registered in book databases everywhere, it will create massive confusion between two books if you’re planning on re-use an ISBN.

Haven’t planned any distribution or marketing strategies

There is no use in self-publish many books if you’re haven’t made any plan to market and how to distribute them. Make sure you’ve done your strategies brainstorming before starting to self-publish your work. Strategies you have to think about are price for the retail of your books, where you’re going to distribute them, how to cover all the money you’ve spent to self-publish your children’s book.

Choosing the wrong font

Sometimes, choosing a font is the illustrator’s job but you as an author should know the standard of your concept for your children’s book. Making sure the font chosen by the illustrator is according to your concept and of course, it must be readable to kids. The book cover also has to write in fonts that are as interesting as possible so it attracts parents to purchase your children’s book.

Mentioning quotes or song’s lyrics from someone else’s work.

To start off you must realize that every artwork such as songs, poems, photographs, and paintings including a writing piece of work is protected by copyright law. Make sure you have permission from its owner to use or mention it on your work or else you could be fine for that and that’ll cost lots of money for you to pay for the fine.

The color format used to print

Indeed again, it is the illustrator’s job to do all the stuff that involves illustrating your work. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to know how the process as well. You should know that Red-Green-Blue (RGB) color space is used for a computer display graphic. On the other hand, if you’re planning on printing your work you must use a color space that is Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black (CMYK). Because CMYK color space is used for a printing format.

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