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  • Is my manuscript safe?
    It is 100% safe. We won't use it for any purpose but for completing your book. You will also receive an NDA file and a contract agreement file from us.
  • What is a ready-to-publish file?
    It is PDF file for printing purpose or ePub for eBook publishing. The file is already designed for the printing companies such as KDP or Ingramspark so it is easy to upload. TullipStudio can also prepare the file for other printing companies.
  • How do rights and licenses work?
    We will transfer all the rights and licenses at the end of the project so you can publish the book everywhere. You don't need to pay us royalties.
  • What if I don't like the work?
    We always show the work sample before entering each project phase. If you don't like it, you can ask for revisions until you satisfied or cancel the project. You only make a payment only after you approve the sample.

Frequently Asked Question - Children's book illustration

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