Do I have to send the whole story?

It is better to send us the whole story so we can analyze better to make the illustration. But, if you don’t want, you can just send us the instruction of each page. For example, page 1 – drawing of a boy playing in a dirty room. - So we will know what should we draw.

Is it safe if I send the whole story?

It is 100% safe. We won’t share it with anyone else. We have a non-disclosure agreement file if you need it. Just ask.

I would like to self-publish my book and sell it on Amazon. Can you assist me?

We are so happy to assist you. Most of our clients self-publish their books. They print the book on KDP, and then sell it on Amazon. We can help you to format the book until it is received by KDP and Amazon. We would be happy to assist you if you want to print the book with other printing companies, such as Ingramspark.

What is the formatting service?

You just provide us the story or script, and we will take care of the illustrations, cover, back cover, and everything else so it can be submitted straight to a printing company.

How long it takes to finish a book?

There is a huge difference in each project. It depends how complex the drawing is ,how many pages in total, and the revision. It also depends on how many project we handle at a time. As an estimation, a 24 pages-book could be finished between 1-2 months.

How many times I can ask for the revisions?

We will show you the sketches. You may ask for any changes during this period. Sketches presented to you are to allow you to understand the drawing concept and idea. The sketch will not be to detailed. Once you approve the sketch, we will add some details, color, and other necessary work to complete the drawing. After a drawing is completed, you will be allowed minor changes only. This could be the color, text, or anything that won’t take much time.

What is the final file format?

The final files will be PDF, PNG and JPEG files, high resolution in 300 dpi, ready for printing.

Frequently Asked Question - Children's book illustration