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Ways to Market Your Children's Books

Organize or Visit an Author Day at School

Organize an Author’s Day at your local school could be a way to start promoting your books to your targeted market. Before organizing one, you as an author should get permission from whoever is in charge at school. Make an agreement on how long you’ll be spending time at school promoting your books and to whom you might be introducing your books. After all, the agreement is set up, you now have to set a date when you’ll be holding this Author Day, so that every student will be prepared for your visit.

Reading your books out loud and let the students listen to you could be a way of promoting your books and afterward hold a Q and A session about the story that you’ve just read. Or maybe simply just do a meet and greet and let the students have an autograph sign.

Be a part of Catalog Sales in your Local Bookstore

Sale seasons are what everyone looking forward to and that’s another opportunity for you as an indie author to be a part of it and make people notice your books. Sales season usually comes at the end of the year or early but some bookstore makes sales some when in mid-year, that’s another job for you to keep up with the sales schedule. This way really helps if you’ve just released your first children’s book and want people to notice you as an author and also the book you’ve released.

Keep in mind, bookstore-only accepts books that already include an ISBN in their books. The function is to keep track of your book’s stocks, knowing who the author is, who and where does the publisher located, and other stuff that involves registration. Some publisher provides their clients with ISBN but some won’t, so you have to purchase it yourself.

Participate in Children’s Book Fair

Keep your eyes out if there’s some book fair happening in your nearest town especially if it’s a children’s book fair. In this fair, you could meet many children’s book authors and share many tips and stories with them. In a book fair, you could keep in touch with parents and encourage their kids to read, book signing, and perhaps a photo-shoot session with your fans.

There’s several famous children’s books fair happening around the world such as Bologna Children’s Book Fair is a yearly event held in March or April in Bologna, Italy. This annual event is participated by more than 1,200 participants from 70 different countries around the world. This event also giving out numbers of awards for example New Horizons for non-western books and several more are announced at the venue.

Brand Yourself as an Indie Author and Self-Promote Your Books in Digital Platform

Social media is another powerful and easy way to introduce and sell your children’s books. As mentioned before in our blog about 5 Things Author Should Know Before Publishing Children’s Book, that as an author you

should join communities from Facebook Groups, Alliance Independent Authors, Kboards, and such to get to know with other authors. Furthermore, you could ask reviews from authors who have experienced more than you do and see from their perspective.

Other than that, you could start selling on a platform such as,, Facebook Marketplace, and more. In those platforms it allows you to set your price, use your marketing strategies, make promotions, and easily let everyone who accesses it know more about your works.

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