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5 Things Author Should Know Before Publishing Children’s Book

Know Your Target Market

Your target market it’s not only the reader that will be children. But also parents who will be tempted to buy your book. Parents should be interested in your book concept so they can purchase it and ready to read it to their children. Most mothers have “power” to purchase things for their children. That’s why you should consider targeting to mother as your target market.

Secondly, children readers also have an age group that every author should know whether their writing is suitable for a certain age group. This involves how words were used in your writing, such as how many words are in your writing? , what kind of words did you use in your writing? Is a long word that makes it harder for a 1-2-year-old kid, to understand? , or is it words that involve teaching words instead of telling stories.

That’s why our best advice is to brainstorm who is your target market? After you’ve done your brainstorming, you could next join book author communities in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc.

Join Book Author Communities

Expanding your relations with other people who have the same interest as you are is one of the next steps you should think about before publishing your books. There are varieties of communities from around the world gather in one place called social media. For example, Facebook now has a feature that allows us to join a group/community of the same interest as ours. This will do much help for you as an author, besides for your personal branding as an author, you could seek help from other authors that had the same difficulties as you.

If you haven’t published

any books yet, this step will be helpful for you to do. After you’ve published your books, you can ask reviews from other author’s perspectives, and from that, you can improve your writing skills. Or you could do hard selling and introduce your book can be purchase on several platforms such as Amazon.

There’s nothing wrong with spreading your wings and get to know other authors from around the world through social media and support each other.

Decide Your Publisher & Distributor

It is best to choose a publisher that is from your local area, so it is easier and quicker to preview your books. Apart from that, choosing a publisher from your local area can save you lots of money from shipping payment. Furthermore, you could ask for further questions directly to whoever is in charge of your project.

Other tips on before choosing a publisher are whether they provide you an ISBN of your book or not. Because some publishers provide you with an ISBN so you could sell your books after it is been done. ISBN is needed when you have a plan to promote and sell it in any bookstore you’d like because the function of it is to track stocks of your books, who the author is, where does your book’s publisher locate and more involving registration.

For a cheaper price, you could use the internet as your distributor. Many authors used Facebook groups that they’ve joined to promote their finished books. Also using Amazon as your way of selling your books and set up your price based on how much budget you’ve spent.

Arrange Your Budget for Each Project

It is best to arrange your budget after you’ve surveyed some publisher for your books. Arranging a budget can also be used to set up the price for your books, from how much you’ve spent for the production, spent it for ISBN if it’s not provided by your publisher, spent it for marketing purposes, and also spent to hire an illustrator.

Budgeting could be a challenging task for some authors who have never done it before. But it’s helpful to know how much money you have to spend and earn to cover it up.

Hire an Illustrator for Your Book

To authors who haven’t know about illustration, they should search it up about drawing style. Because every illustrator has different styles to another illustrator. Before choosing one, you should look up their portfolios and see if it suits your manuscript. Sometimes, the price is various for every illustrator and that depends on how hard your drawing is or how many pages you wanted to be drawn. We could assure you it’ll worth a spent.

Several recommended illustrators that you could consider hiring them are for example Laura Watson, a Canadian freelance Illustrator that has been studying fine art at York University and illustration at Sheridan College. Laura Watson has done some projects for Scholastic, Pearson and Quarto, Chronicle Books, and more. She specializing in whimsical style drawing and heartfelt kid’s book.

Another illustrator that we would like to introduce is, Lauren O’Hara, an illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. She studied Art and Illustration at Kingston University and some of her works have been published by the world’s best-regarded publisher in both fiction and non-fiction category. Examples of Lauren’s work is ‘Hortense and the Shadow’ and ‘The Bandit Queen’ written by Natalia O’Hara and were published by Penguin Random House with co-edition in 7 countries.

Last but not least, TullipStudio is a professional children’s book illustrator. Also, we provide you different kinds of drawing styles as you wanted from sketches, whimsical, stylized, cartoon, realistic, and more. Prices will be various depends on how many pages are there, how hard is the drawings will look.

We are keen on working with you anytime soon and ready to set up the most pleasing children’s book you have ever seen and ready to be printed.

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