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Ways on Creating a Children’s Book

Know Your Field

Reading as many books as you can so you’re able to know what kind of genre you’ll be interested in writing. The more you read, the more you’ll be inspired by other authors by their writing styles, plots of story, story arc, characters introduction, or even inspired by the book’s cover. Other than that, you could try visiting a bookstore or library to see what the newest books are and get as much as the genre you know to be inspired.

Pay Attention to Your Length

Remember who your target readers are, you don’t want to give long-sentences or books full of writing to a kid who just learning how to read. Paying attention to how many words used in a book is necessary for you to know where to market your children’s book. For children’s books, keep your words in the book under 1000 words and use words that are easily understandable, easily pronounce, easily remembered, and easy to be explained. From that, children will be interested in learning new words and know lots of vocabulary.

Choose a fresh topic

Perhaps, you could write and publish books about some events that happen every year for instance during Christmas in December, Halloween in October, or Thanks Giving in November. Writing based on themes you know sometimes it is easier to do. Other than choosing a theme based on an event, you could start choosing themes based on your hobbies, things you’re concern about, or experiences you wanted to share with your readers.

Don’t Force on Telling Moral Lessons

Indeed that a lot of children’s books tell a story that has a moral lesson for children to learn about. But the point of writing a children’s book is not just that, you as an author must tell a story that is entertaining, easily understood by words, and stories that are memorable. Create relatable to children and interesting characters could increase children’s interest in reading your book.

Illustrations that speaks and colorful

Drawing colorful in interesting styles is not really an author’s job. But making sure it’s done right, that is your job as an author and give it according to your concept. Give brief to your hired illustrator about the things they should draw and check it out if it’s already according to your children’s book concept.

Keep writing & try new things

Never stop satisfied after published a children’s book, keep on writing based on what you concern about, hobbies, or experiences you wanted children to know. If you ever get bored of writing, perhaps you could change your writing styles or change places where you usually write. That way could get you more inspiration to write stories.

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