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Sell More Books Using Amazon Marketing Service (AMS)

What is Amazon Marketing Services?

Amazon Marketing Services or AMS for short is a marketing tool that was created by Amazon for sellers that are going to advertise their products and convert them into sales. AMS is a useful tool because it allows sellers to show advertised products to Amazon’s shoppers that are searching for the same product as advertised. How it works is that AMS uses match-up keywords or what the shoppers are searching with the same keywords that your products are about.

For instance, if your product is a cardigan and the shoppers are looking for a black cardigan, more likely your cardigan product will appear on the shopper’s screen. This tool is an effective way to advertise a product as long as you use the right strategies and the right keywords.

Amazon Marketing Service now has 3 different advertisement programs that sellers can use to promote their products on Amazon.

Amazon Sponsored Product ads

This advertisement program can be used by either Amazon vendors or third-party sellers. Using Amazon Sponsored Product ads allows advertised products to appear on the top list of what the shopper is searching for. Sponsored Product ads work by using the automatic targets that are driven by the contents in your store or using a manual target that sellers will have to insert the right keywords based on their products.

There’s several keywords type and try to use it on Amazon;

- Branded Product Keywords; Using your brand name and product.

- Competitor Product Keywords; Using the brand’s name of your competitors and products so shoppers will have to compare

- Out of Category Keywords; Using keywords that aren’t related to your product but could increase the product’s engagement from it.

- Sponsored Products Automatic Targeting Keywords; using search queries from Automatic Targeting campaign and put it into the Manual Targeting campaign.

Note that Amazon Sponsored Product ads need several requirements that sellers need to be completed. Those requirements are;

- Has an active Amazon professional seller account

- Able to do shipping to all the United States addresses

- Products are in new condition

Amazon Headline Search ads

Amazon Headline Search advertisement program can only be used by Amazon Official Vendors. This ads program will appear on the headline banner after the search results come out and also shoppers will be able to click on it and lead them to the vendor’s store profile, best-selling products, or even a custom URL.

The only requirement to use this advertisement program is you need to be an official Amazon vendor that is selling products straight to Amazon.

Store profile can be placed as Amazon Headline Search ads to introduce the same products as searched by shoppers, increase brand awareness, and notify with the latest promotion. The store profile should include contents that will be beneficial and lead shoppers to purchase your products, easy-to-use templates, and a showcase of your products.

A showcase of your best-selling products can be another option for the headline. With the help of ratings, the number of products sold, and reviews by other buyers could increase the potential of new buyers.

Another option for the headline is a customized URL that will lead you either the specific product that you’re selling and it’s the same as what the shoppers are looking for or lead it to your profile or products that are on promotions.

Amazon Product Display ads

Using this type of advertisement program is the least likely shoppers will end up purchasing your product. Amazon Product Display ads use shopper’s interest as the data to appear your products or based on targeted products that are similar to what they’ve searched. Also, the display will be able on either your page or the competitor’s page.

Targeting based on interests will have a high possibility to appear on the shopper’s screen, but a lower purchase conversion rate. Whereas targeting based on similar products allows advertisers or sellers to get more detailed on their targeted buyers and see how high is the conversion rate. If you’re selling products that haven’t been sold on Amazon, perhaps using targeting based on interests would be a good option.

Same as Amazon Headline Search ads, the only requirement to use this program is to be Amazon’s official vendor.

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