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How Do I Become a KDP Select Member?

There are 6 things you’ve to prepare to register to be a KDP Select member:

First thing first,

insert your children’s book title, subtitle (if applicable), book’s series name (if applicable), and don’t forget to write down your name as an author (real or an alias).

The second,

book description. You have to write a comprehensive description of your book, by using emotional and gripping language and also don’t forget to mention your book’s genre so the readers notice what your book is about.


use the right keyword so it’s easier for readers to find your books. What you could use as keywords are based on your story’s setting (for example in the future), character’s type (for example veteran), character’s roles (for example protagonist), plot themes (for example family saga), and also story tone (for example adventurous).


insert the body of the book that has been illustrated including plots and lines in it. Make it as interesting as possible because your readers will be children and children loves interesting and beautiful drawing. Don’t use long and boring words in your book, to avoid a hard understanding of children and ending up not purchasing your book.


upload your book cover. For several illustrators, they choose one of the pages in the body of the book or they create a new one special for a book cover. Either way is fine. Make sure it's revealing, use a suitable font that describes your story and bright colors because you’re about to tell a story to children, just have to make sure it’s a bright and colorful story.

Last but not least,

set the price as you like. By mean as you like, you should have your own consideration of it. Before publishing a book, you should arrange and write down your budget from start until the distribution of your books.

Once it’s all set,

your eBooks are ready to publish and available in the Kindle Store. But our task is not yet over, now you have to start thinking way of marketing them. Either using Amazon tools or outside the platform.

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