• TullipStudio Team

Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Publish Through Kindle Direct Publishing

There will be 3 phases in filling out information to get your children’s book to publish into an eBook or hard copy through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The first phase is filling out the details of your eBook such as the eBook’s title, the author’s name, description, target age readers, eBook’s category, and whether it’ll be available for pre-orders or not.

The second phase is, uploading the contents for your ebooks such as illustrations with the text you’ve prepared in a PDF, Docx, EPUB, or KPF formats, upload the front cover of your children’s book, ISBN and then preview how it’ll look like when it’s ready.

Last and the challenging phase is pricing and distribution. In this phase, you’ll need strategic calculation of how much you’re eBook will cost, whether you’ll be signed for a KDP Select member, where is it going to be distributed, pricing and royalties you’ll be getting from the sales you make, book lending and term and conditions you’ll need to understand.

Before entering more detail about the first phase, you’ll need to sign up or sign in (if you already have an Amazon account). You’ll only need an email or a phone number to sign up for an Amazon account.

Phase 1: Kindle eBook Details

Step one, click on a Kindle eBook

button to begin entering the details of your children’s book.

Then step two, choose the main language that is used in your children’s book.

Next, fill in the title of your children’s book and fill in the ‘Subtitle Column’ in an English translation of the book’s title.

After that, fill in the author’s name that you want to be displayed in the description on Amazon’s site. The name could be your real name or a pen name that you wish people will recognize you by.

If your children’s book was written by more than one author, you could write it down in the ‘Contributors’ column.

Next, write down a short description with max 4000 characters of what is the story of your children’s eBook. Because a book description is a sales pitch for readers, make sure you use attractive words and include some keywords that are relevant to the story and will make the buyer purchase your eBook.

Note that the description box is acceptable writing in old HTML tag for italic and bold words. Make sure you also use this feature to attract readers.

If you’re the author of this children’s eBook you wanted to be published, then choose the ‘I own the copyright...' button. This means you have the copyright of this eBook and it will be protected by the law.

Enter the keywords that related to the content of your children’s eBook and you want your eBook to come up when people type those keywords on the Amazon search bar.

Categories are like genres in music or movies. Make sure you select the most relevant category for your children’s eBook so that people who love to read that category will easily find out. If you want to have than one category listed, you can contact Amazon through Author Central after your eBook is published.

To fill in this information, make sure you’ve done your research for what kind of eBooks are available on the market for each age range especially for those you planning.