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5 Questions Author Must Answer Before Writing Children’s Book

What are you going to write about?

If you wanted to write a story, you must first come up with an idea about what you’re going to write about. It could tell a story about a boy trying to fit in his new school, a girl enjoying her summer holiday at Grandma’s house, or about a squirrel trying to find foods before they’re going on hibernation for winter and so on. You must come up with a detailed concept for your story to make it easier to write and understand for readers.

Where did the story take place?

After finishing a concept on your story from finish to end, think about the place that the characters live in. This is one of the important aspects to think about when it comes to writing down a story for a children’s book. The settings that took place should be related to the story so it’s easier for children to imagine it. Other than that, children’s books are story based on pictures and words, interesting places should be illustrated in an interesting way either.

Who are your targeted readers?

Do you know who you write for? Which age group is suitable for the story you’ve written? Different age group readers will obviously read a different kind of books, for instance, the age group from 0-3 years old will normally read a board book that only contains few words in the book also it normally only introduces surrounding things such as the name of animals, numbers, food, etc. This will relate to how many words you need to write in a story for different age group readers.

How many words do you need in a story?

As is mention previously, that the number of words in a story will indicate which age group it is suitable for. A few words used in the story will be suitable for children who are still learning how to read. Other than that, the words used in a sentence is also determined which age group is suitable to read. For instance, long sentences are proper to be used for those children age 10 and over.

How do you want the readers to feel after reading your children’s book?

When it comes to writing down a story, you must know what impacts you want children to feel after reading your books. As simple as making children entertained by the story you wrote. But not just that, you could also tell a story that will make children behave well or perhaps tell them a good moral story that teaches them a lesson.

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