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Reasons Why You Should Use a Pen Name

Your name is hard to spell/pronounce/remember

If people you’ve met most of the time get your name wrong either hard to spell, pronounce, or even remember, maybe you could consider using a pen name. This sometimes happens to those who are from a non-English country but live in an English country and wanted to start writing by self-publishing their children’s books. But this doesn’t mean those who are from non-English countries and still use their real name as their author’s name won’t make any sales, choosing a pen name is just another personal branding to ease up people's recognition.

Your name is common/similar to other author’s name

Indeed it seems hard to easily be recognized by other people or authors if your name is common or you have a similar name to another author’s name who has been writing longer than you, moreover if they have already been recognized. This problem could be solved by using a pen name and start your way. Try adding a pen name as your middle name that describes perhaps your writing genre or something rhymes with your first name.

As separation on search engine

Using a pen name could help you separate your children’s book works from your other works such as academic articles, researches, or other works that aren’t related to your children’s book genre. By using a pen name, could be a helpful way to separate when people search up your works on a search engine such as Google.

A good way for branding

After all, like have mentioned before, using a pen name is another way to brand yourself and your works to people and start to get recognition from it. Therefore, choosing a pen name could be according to rhyming words to your first name, writing’s genre, something tells about you as a person, your childhood’s nickname. By doing that, you’ve tried to make yourself easily remembered, easily pronounced, and even easily spell your name.

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