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Marketing Ways You can do During Pandemic

Work with online book promotion sites

Now it seems that going online is one of the great ways to do to avoid physical activities and prevent Coronavirus transmission! However, whether there is a pandemic or not, establishing contact with a book promotion website is something you should do. Keeping in touch with websites whose main purpose is to promote books is a good way to show books to people.

There are two forms of book promotion websites: paid websites and free websites. If you don’t have a budget to pay for a paid book promotion websites right now, start with a free one. Many of them will provide people with testimonials (that can be read while in quarantine), so if you can take the book out (with e-book format), it will be a win-win!

Offer price promotions or discounts on e-books

Fortunately because of this Covid pandemic and everything is done online to avoid the virus permits, e-books can continue to be sold easily. Consider offering discounts or promotional price promotions on your e-books. In view of economic instability and the need for people to spend large sums of money, temporarily lowering the price of e-books or offering discounts can help readers save money and encourage them to buy your e-books. As more people spend their time indoors, e-books might be attractive and could be one of the alternative ways to spend time quarantine instead of watching their favorite TV shows on Netflix.

Start to introduce yourself as an author on social media

Make a presence on social and start to introduce people that you’re a children’s author is another way you can start doing during this pandemic. Give some knowledge or tips about writing you might know of and use that as content to your social media. Note that you could also announce your new books or perhaps share your process for making them. This will attract other authors and readers to get to know you more and use social media as a tool to connect with them.

Give away free e-books or writing courses

Another marketing strategy you can do during this pandemic is using a video call group to give free writing courses to those authors who are interested. Start to share your tips or give a step-by-step guide for those indie authors who want to start on self-publish children’s books. While giving the free course, you could use that chance to promote your children’s book as well, so that the authors will know and maybe will tell others about your book. Other than that, free stuff is always everyone’s favorite. Giving free e-books could increase readers in reading your books and another way to introduce your ways of writings.

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