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Tips Making a Presence on Social Media

Social media is not just a good tool for marketing your children's books, but also introduce yourself as an author to people and let you connected with those people at the same time. Because making a presence in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter can create the people's image of you being a children's book author and gain trust in your ability as an author.

Here are 3 tips to start making the presence of yourself on social media:

1. Update the best picture of yourself and use it as a profile picture

As a first impression, set up the best picture for your profile picture is a must. Before clicking to your account people will firstly look at that. Therefore, you must get the best picture of yourself first before moving to the next step that is setting up your bio. Make sure to give your best smile and expression because you don't want to give such a bad impression at first sight.

2. Write about who you are in the bio

Bio is another you have to consider and carefully put in because that's what people will read firstly after clicking your account. Write down what people have to know about yourself, whether you're a singer, an athlete, or even a children's book author. Make sure what you've written down in the bio is what you are proud of.

3. Keep your social media up to date

This is another way to connect with your followers and get close to them by keeping your activity up to date. For example, just keep up to date on what project are you working on, pieces of knowledge that you wanted to share, and let your followers be inspired, use it as a promotion tool for your book, and get connected with other authors.

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