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BookBaby Publishing; A publisher that Self-Publish Authors Must Know

What is BookBaby?

BookBaby is a book publishing company that offers print-on-demand, wholesale printing, e-Book, distribution, editing, book design, and book marketing service for self-publish authors.

BookBaby will provide world-wide distribution to Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Nobles, and Apple Books based on the package you chose.

What are BookBaby Services?

Book printing

The priority service provides by BookBaby is book printing. As it is provided for the self-publish author, BookBaby provides 2 publishing options; print-on-demand or wholesale printing. Print-on-demand will save you lots of money because the book will only be printed once customers make an order. Whether wholesale printing, provide authors with the stock of printed books that give them chances to sell and distribute them on their own.

Also, BookBaby offers package options that authors can choose from; Express, Complete, and Deluxe. Each package will provide book distributions, eBook conversion, and ISBN barcodes. The 'Complete' package will provide you with basic cover design and book formatting. Whereas the 'Deluxe' package will include Express and Complete package and in addition will help you out with advertising campaigns and book promotions.

Whereas BookBaby Print-on-Demand service offers 2 options; Global Print-on-Demand or directly to BookShop readers only. Choosing Global print-on-demand will distribute your books through libraries, global booksellers, and worldwide retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Apple Books, and more. Another option is print-on-demand directly to 'BookShop' readers. 'BookShop' is an online bookstore that provides by BookBaby for self-published authors to sell their books and start earning royalties.

The other book printing provides by BookBaby is wholesale book printing. Wholesale book printing is a printing option for self-published authors that wanted to print in large quantities of books in softcover or hardcover. The price varies from the number of books you’re about to print and will give you the estimation days of completion whether in softcover or hardcover.

eBook service

For an eBook service, there are 2 options that indie authors can choose from. The first option is eBook publishing and formatting service. BookBaby will provide with suitable eBook format according to major bookstores or publishers. The other option is eBook publishing combined with book distribution to book retailers. Even though the price will be expensive than the first option, but it might be worth it for authors without getting inconvenience with book distributions.


Other than focusing on technical aspects of publishing, authors can focus on writing aspects and get corrections on your manuscript before starting the publishing process. Editing services provide by BookBaby are line editing, proofreading, and copy editing.

Line editing will correct the aspects of story flows, language usage, tone, style, character developments in the author’s manuscript and make suitable suggestions according to the genre of the story.

Whereas copy editing only gives corrections to grammar usage, spelling mistakes, consistency issues, linguistic errors, and punctuation usage. Then, the last option is proofreading that only give corrections to misspelling words, verb tense, grammar issues, punctuation usage, and capitalization.

Book marketing services

Other than providing publishing and editing service, BookBaby also provides you marketing services according to which platform you want to use.

- Facebook ads; Book marketing through Facebook ads is a great potential to earn money and engagements in both social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook. These marketing services provide ad development, post engagements, ad design, and reporting based on the budget you wanted to spend and how many days you would like the campaign to go for.

- Amazon Kindle Publishing; BookBaby also will help you out to publish your manuscript through Amazon Kindle Publishing and manage your books in KDP Select program by Amazon.

- Book metadata optimization; Metadata is essential embedded information about your book from book titles, publisher, author’s name, ISBN, genre, and price. You wanted to make sure your book is found on a search engine such as Google or any other online platform, you will have to make sure your metadata is strong and detailed enough to be discovered. If you don’t want to get any complications with this technical stuff, you can trust this and hire a book metadata optimization on BookBaby.

- General book marketing; Other than those three book marketing you can choose from, you might want to choose general book marketing. The general stuff of book marketing services is from getting a book marketing plan, social media book promotion, and maximize your amazon book title listing.

Book design

On the other hand, BookBaby also provides a cover design as their creative service. For book design, they provide a book cover design and interior formatting for printed and eBook format.

Not only children’s book illustrations, but TullipStudio also provides service for self-published authors with front & back book cover design and book formatting into a format that is recommended for the publisher. Choosing TullipStudio as the illustrator for your children’s book is an optimal choice where the author not only saves lots of money but also saves some time with the publishing process. For the children’s book illustrations, TullipStudio able to illustrate in many kinds of styles according to the author’s interest and references with several price ranges.

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