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IngramSpark Publishing; Things You Need to Know

What is IngramSpark Publishing?

IngramSpark is a book publishing company with lots of distributors from around the globe that allows indie authors to print and distribute their books and also turn them into an eBook format. With over 50 years of experience, IngramSpark has its own global distributor network that is called Ingram Book Group. That is the largest book distributor in the world that has more than 39,000 book retailers worldwide.

What service provides by IngramSpark?

Print-on-Demand Printing

IngramSpark also provides a Print-On-Demand (POD) service which allows indie authors to print their book only when it is been purchased. Other than allowing you to print your book singularly, the POD service also will distribute the book as soon as possible once someone completed the purchase. This means you won’t need to think of the storage for unpurchased books or an upfront cost for printing your books. POD also available to purchase in paperback printing and an eBook format.

Book Distribution

With connections to over 39,000 retailers across the world, allows every printed book by IngramSpark to get distributed easily, whether to bookstores, libraries, and online platforms such as Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes, and Nobles and many more.

Self-Publishing Service

Many indie authors finally get their books printed independently using IngramSpark Publishing. Using this service, indie authors will be provided with an ISBN for every format you choose to publish, the format of your book interior and cover design, distribute your books to retailers that have been IngramSpark’s network for years, and manage your books files, track sales and orders. But the first thing you must create is an IngramSpark account to be able to self-publish your books and perhaps calculate how much money it’ll cost to print the books according to the trim size, binding, paper etc. that you’ve chosen.

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