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7 Must Have Elements in a Children’s Book

Memorable Story

Memorable stories and characters in a children’s book are some of the most important elements to have in a children’s book. The story will make children entertained and perhaps get some lessons after reading it.

Adorable Illustrations

Other than memorable stories, children’s books must have adorable illustrations included. Children’s book illustrations come in many styles, from whimsical, cartoon, stylized to realistic illustrations.

With TullipStudio has over 9 years of experience and growth as a children’s book illustrator team, we are able to create adorable and colorful illustrations according to the illustration style that the author has chosen.

Professional Editing

Hiring professional help sometimes is necessary when you want to get the best result from your children’s book. Hiring a professional editor is great to get professional editing that will help you to find corrections that needed to be fixed. From that, you’ll learn bits by bits on writing that you can apply to your next book project.

Outstanding Book Cover

Making sure your book cover is outstanding and engaging is another easy way to earn high sales for your book. Sometimes illustrator will include creating a book cover in their service, such as TullipStudio that will provide you with a front & back cover and book formatting as well.

A Well-Planned Book Launch

By planning a children’s book launch can help engage your book sales and build connections with readers and authors at the same time. Planning a book launch involves choosing a venue, set up invitations, book signing, and other entertaining activities.

Optimized Book Descriptions

Your book descriptions must include what is your children’s book story is about, genre, and age group recommendation. Try to browse other children’s books that are the same genre as yours to see how they’ve written book descriptions on their site.

Get Your Children’s Book Advertised

Advertising is a powerful tool to gain book sales from the targeted audience. Setting up children’s book audiences gets a little tricky because you will have to set a target audience for parents who approximately have children according to the age group recommendation of your book.

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