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8 Outstanding Tips to Plan a Book Launch

1. Choose the right venue

Finding and choosing the right venue need a lot of consideration. First, your venue needs to be in a strategic place, whether it’s a library, hall, a local bookstore, or any other familiar public spaces that you can rent for the day. Second, the venue needs to be able to fit in how many people you’ve invited. This is important to consider before planning for a children's book launch because you don’t want to be in an overcrowded venue. Also, the third thing you need to consider is the access for vehicles whether public or private transport and parking lots for the visitors.

2. Invite anyone including friends, relatives, authors community

Confuse who to invite to your book launch? You can invite your close friends, relatives that have supported you in finishing your book. Also, authors from the community you’ve joined could be invited as well.

3. Use social media to spread the invitations

Now you’ve decided who to invite to your book launch, you can use social media to spread the invitations to them and ask them to attend the book launch. Social media like Facebook able to invite other people using one of Facebook’s features called Events. This feature helps you invite your Facebook friends, people in your author community, and other people interested in children’s books.

4. Provide delicious foods and fresh drinks

A book launch will be held approximately more than 3 hours depending on the schedule you’ve prepared. That’s why you better provide food and fresh drinks for your visitors to enjoy.

5. Actively promote your books at the venue

Now you’ve set the date for your book launch, it is time to promote. Other than promoting it through social media, you can also promote your children’s book at the venue. By printing posters, samples of your children’s book, stickers, and other merchandise that can help to promote your book.

6. Do a book signing

One of the activities you can do for a book launch is a book signing for your book readers. Make sure you prepare a pen or a marker for the book signing session.

7. Prepare what you’re going to say

Another preparation you need to do is write down or remember the things that you’re going to say. Start from introducing yourself, what is your book is about or where people can purchase your book.

8. Don’t forget to say thank you!

Remember to appreciate those who will come to your book launch and remember to support other authors by attending their children's book launch.

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