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5 Important Aspects to Know When Hiring an Illustrator

1. Find the right illustrator

Now you’re in the phase of searching for an illustrator, before you decided to hire them make sure you check these 4 things;

  • Credibility

  • Consistency

  • Style

2. Discuss the work contract details

A working contract is important to have and discussed while you’re doing a project with someone you don’t personally know and perhaps they’re in a different area from where you live. So, the working contract can be included with these 4 things;

  • Working flow

  • Intellectual properties

  • Payment

  • Deadline

3. Discuss your book format

Not every illustrator will provide you with the book formatting that’ll ease your way to publishing your children’s book. Therefore, make sure you ask if the illustrator willing to do the book formatting as well or not. Also, there are other things to consider, such as book size, illustration style, and script details. For more details, here are what you have to consider;

  • Size

  • Illustration style

  • Script details

4. Illustration process begins

You still need intense communications with your illustrator to get your children’s book finish as soon as possible. When the illustration process begins, your illustrator should do these steps to get it done according to how you want it.

  • Rough Sketch

  • Clean up and coloring

  • TullipStudio will have to manage to draw proper illustrations per page, once the current page is final with the author’s agreements, we’ll go to the next page and so on until the last one.

5. Publishing and publication

After getting all your illustrations done and the book formatting finished, now it is time to get your book to publish and prepare for some book launch and marketing strategies. Marketing strategies can get a bit tricky and challenging but if you plan it carefully, you’ll get everything sorted out easily.

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