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4 Advantages of Self-Publish Your Children's Book

Faster time to market

For some, self-publish your children’s book will finish faster than those who go through an agency to print it. You could start marketing your children’s book when the printing of your book began. Organize your own book launch could be a way to market and introduce yourself as an author and also your children’s book to readers. Some schools welcome self-publish authors to hold a book launch, make sure you find one and approach them nicely.

Higher profit than traditional publishing royalties

If you choose to find an agency to publish your children’s book, you’ll only receive a number of royalties since you need to divide the profits between you and the agency. The royalties vary for the different agency also depend on the agreement you made. But if you choose to self-publish it, all the earning profits will go to you. No need for profit sharing with professional freelancers that helped you out through the process since you’ll be paying it upfront.

Freely to sell it in digital version or non-digital

You have the full rights to sell your finished children’s book in the eBook version or in the printed version. For some agreements with an agency, they won’t allow you to sell on both platforms or you’ll need to take some time to sell it in a different version. If you’ve chosen to self-publish your children’s book, you could sell it in two versions at the same time as you like. But you still need to come up with great marketing strategies to sell those books and start earning profits.

Full creative control

Self-publishing means getting every work done by yourself or if you need help, you could hire a professional to do it. There’s plenty of professional freelancers that willing to help you with the work from illustrating your script for instance TullipStudio who are keen to illustrate your children’s book and design a book cover as well. Since you hire us, you still have all demand and control over the creativity you’d like to be in your children’s book. Also, we’re able to illustrate your children’s books in different styles according to what you like. With 9 years of experience in the children’s book illustrations field, we assure you to give you the best service there is.

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