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Common Mistakes Authors Make with their Website

Broken links

Links are a fundamental part of the network. Some links might be broken when it has gone on the internet for months or even years. That’s why you need to check and update your website links. You could check if you have any broken links on your website by checking it on

Not mobile-friendly

You must consider making a website in a smartphone format and could easily access it through the phone. The difference between a website in computer and smartphone format is in the data that are used, computer use bigger data than smartphone format. Also, the layout of the computer and smartphones are much different.

No contact info mention

This is important that you as an author should put inside your website, that is your contact info. Where can your reader stay connect with you, whether it’s through social media, email, or any other platform you use. But keep in mind that you should not mention your personal information such as phone number, house address, or any other personal information.

Use a free hosting website

Many opinions on this part, whether you could use free hosting sites such as Wix, WordPress, Hostinger and etc, for you to use. Because it’s free, they must fund some money to keep their free hosting service going. By funding money, they place advertisements on your free website and placed it on the sidebar, the bottom of the page, or maybe within the pages.

No website at all

Well, it’s still better to have a free website with some advertisements in it rather than not having a website at all. We’ve entered a digital age where almost everything happens on the internet and also make us do less physical activities since we have to be in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic. Other than having a website to stay connected with your readers, you could create a social media account such as Facebook, Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

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