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The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

What is marketing?

Marketing and promotion are two crucial plans that every self-published author needs to think of and strategize to optimize book sales. Marketing and promotion are two different things, firstly marketing contains every process to keep acquiring and keeping customers purchasing our products. Marketing will need 4 simple questions to get start strategizing, like who are your potential customers/readers, what are their interests, how will they be able to reach you, and how to get them to purchase your products? In a simple way, marketing has 4 P’s to think of which commonly called marketing mix are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.

Firstly, is the product. Every self-published author needs to think of how will their products (read: books) be physically look like and what kind of format will your book be available in, printed and/or digital in eBook versions. Secondly is the price. Need details calculation on pricing for a book, which means you need to look back to all the budgets you’ve spent either for hiring professionals, publishing costs, and other paid services. The third is place. Where will your books be available on either bookstores, online marketplace, or even on your own website. And finally, promotion. Promotion what message are you going to potential customers about your products. Promotion includes advertising your products through platforms such as Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads that will help you reach more potential customers with the message.

What is advertising?

Advertising is the fourth marketing mix and the most crucial step to do if you wanted to earn high book sales. Basically, advertising is about how you will manage to get your products heard and seen by potential buyers of your books. Nowadays, advertising gets even easier using advertising platforms such as Amazon Ads or Facebook Ads.

First, you’ll be choosing the range of age groups that are potentially interested in your product. Second, it pops up your product on the potential buyer’s social media and suggests your products. Third, you can choose in which geographical region your product advertisement will appear. Fourth, you’ll easily manage how much will you spend on advertising according to your budget through advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads. Or if you don’t want to get involved in this complicated process, you can just hire a marketing service that is willing to help out with marketing your children's books.

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