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5 Successful Ways to become a Children's Book Author

Read children’s book as many as possible

To begin writing a children’s book, you must know how the words are used in children’s books, the story’s structure, how the character's building goes, how storytelling works, and how the story plot goes. To know those things, you must start reading children’s books from famous authors to indie authors as many as you can. Just like Stephen King once said “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Come up with a great story idea to write about

Children’s books are built with two things, illustrations, and a great story. Children’s book stories can be inspiring, hilarious, silly, weird, or even serious. To create great stories, you can try by using expressive, unforgettable, and cute characters, strange settings, inspiring problem-solving, and more. By reading a lot of children’s books might help you be inspired on creating great story ideas.

Know your target audience

This is a very important step you must know as an author if you’re planning on taking it to the publishing step. Knowing who you’re writing for can also help you find better story ideas to tell, how the storytelling goes, and even how your illustrations will look like. Children have different age groups, from those who start to learn how to read (usually the age of 0-3), pre-school and kindergarten children (4-6). Therefore, when you write, you must try to use a child’s mind, use understandable, easily pronounce words, and use short sentences when the target readers are those who are still learning to read.

Also, keep in mind that you wanted to attract the parents as well so they’ll be interested and ending up purchasing your children’s book. The attractive ways to attract parents can vary, from giving a meaningful lesson by the end of your children’s book that’ll make children inspired and learn something from it, attractive features within the book, or just simply entertaining to children.

Develop your writing skills as you go

Writing a children’s book takes a lot of skill to do and by doing that surely you’ll be able to create an amazing children’s book. Also, writing is another form of art that tries to influence other people through using words. If you’re planning on writing a rhyme children’s book, try to read as many as poetry as possible and also read rhyming children’s book that has been written by other authors. Perhaps, you can also try to take online courses that are available thousands of them on the internet and will teach you how to write children’s books.

Hire experienced illustrator

Another most important component in a children’s book is the illustrations. Illustrations help children imagine the settings, the characters, and the storytelling as if it’s really happening. That’s why the illustrations need to be engaging and became the most important component in a children’s book. To create engaging illustrations, you must start hiring experienced illustrators where you can find them on Facebook, Instagram, Fiverr, or even their personal website.

As a children’s book illustrator, TullipStudio has 9 years of experience and has created many illustrations for authors. Some of the children’s books can be found on Amazon’s site, Instagram or Facebook. We’re also can do illustrations in different styles such as whimsical, cartoon, realistic, or anything you requested. Not just the illustrations, we also provide with interesting front and back cover, because people actually do judge a book by its cover.

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