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Illustrator’s Guide on Creating Children’s Book

Do some research

Before you illustrate, make sure you’ve done your research on how things should look and brainstorm it. Even though the project comes up with an instruction from the author you’re working with, you’ll still be needing to do research so it’ll be easier for you to illustrate according to the instructions.

Remember pacing your illustrations

To make an interesting children’s book, other than colorful illustrations, you’ll be needing good pacing, rhythm, and some drama on the page turn. You’ll need to understand the story and when do the introduction, conflicts, and the ending comes.

Page Layout

Lay outing children’s book is different than other books. Because children’s book comes with illustrations and most of the children’s book comes with a landscape page orientation. Because of having illustrations in the book, an illustrator must know where to put the text in the illustration.

Detailed Sketches or not

Some authors wanted their sketches to be done in detail by the illustrator. But that will take a longer time than those undetailed sketches. As long as the sketches are easily seen and understood, that’ll be fine. Sketches normally come up in black and white and show how the stories flow from start to finish so the authors get what they wanted.

Appealing Cover

Same like other products, children’s books must have an appealing cover to attract customers to buy your book. Most children’s book cover has their main character in the cover to let customers guess what the genre and the story might be. Also, choose a suitable font for the cover so it goes the same as the genre or theme of the children’s book.

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