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4 Great Beneficial Features of Facebook Ads for Indie Authors

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook ads are a platform build by Facebook that allows anyone who has joined Facebook or Instagram to promote their products and services. Your advertised content will appear on every account that matches your settings. Using Facebook ads gives many beneficial features that will eventually lead to children's book sales.

And here are 4 great beneficial features of Facebook Ads that indie authors must know.

1. Targeted audience

Using Facebook Ads allows the advertiser to show up their products or services directly to the targeted audience based on genders, age groups, interests, educational backgrounds, locations, and even based on who the audience’s following. This feature is beneficial because it gives to the closest potential audiences according to the targeted audience of your products or services.

2. Flexible budgeting

Scared if your advertisement might go over the budget? Well, with Facebook Ads you may set the budget as you pleased and also the duration of the advertisement. The budget you’ll need to pay is usually allowed to be set on a minimal $1.00 per day. Then the price goes up depending on how many audiences you are trying to reach either by locations, interests, educations background, gender etc.

3. Help to set mailing lists

Setting up mailing lists of your readers or other authors can help you inform them about the latest update of your work. Once you get those mails listed, you can start sending them exclusive news about your new children’s book, a book discount, book launch, or other things that are needed to be informed. Using Facebook Ads, you can give it a pop-up on your landing page asking for an email of the web guest to receive exclusive news from you.

4. Boost contents

Uploaded content on Facebook or Instagram, but it’s not reaching many audiences. Then using Facebook Ads is a good way to reach the full potential to reach audiences based on the settings you’ve set and the budget you wanted to spend. Your content can appear on both platforms Facebook and Instagram, either on feed or story.

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