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Type of Child's Intelligences


An ability to know emotions, identify also communicate, and adjust those feelings accurately. Other than that, they are able to manage their emotional state and communicate it to the world.

For example theorists, philosophers, etc.


Social intelligence is the ability to socialize well and aware of their social surroundings. The benefits of it cooperate with others or making a lot of friends easily. Social intelligence is as crucial as breathing.

For example psychologists, counselors.


Able to implement mathematical operations and analyze logical problems. Children can think of rational and innovative solutions to fix their problems.

For example, scientists, mathematicians, computer programmers, etc.


Naturalist intelligence is an interest to get more knowledge about living things, animals, plants, weather, oceans, and mountains. By that, a child will increase their environment instinct and conservation.

For example, farmer, biologist, conservationist, etc.


Musical intelligence is a child’s ability to compose, perform, appreciate music, and have good musical taste. A child who has musical intelligence able to learn musical instruments fast than others who don’t.

For example, a singer, musician, composer, etc.


As well-known as kinesthetic intelligence, where children are good at performing actions, body movements, and physical control.

For example, playing sports, actors, athletes, etc.


Child’s ability based on linguistic and verbal are able to use words well both writing and speaking. Other than that, they’re able to memorize information faster and has good potential in writing stories.

For example, authors, lawyers, teachers, etc.


Children who have visual and spatial intelligence are able to visualize things well, artistic, easily understand using colors and other visual activity.

For example, artists, photographers, painter, etc..

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