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Teaching Your Children to be a Reader

Place Books in Every Room in the House

Be various with book placements in the house, this could be one out of many ways you can do as a parent to make your children increase their interest in reading. Give time to notice in which room in the house your children usually spend their time in. By noticing this, you could place books for them to read while enjoying their time in that area. For instance, placing books in their bedroom for them to read before bed, living room for them to read while relaxing, backyard while they enjoying the afternoon breeze, and so on.

After placing books in every room, you could consider placing different genres for different rooms in the house. Doing this could increase their curiosity about other genres that have been placed in different rooms. Also, give a variety of genres that children should “taste” and read that’ll perhaps give them such inspirations to their imaginations. Other than that, this is a good way to avoid boredom to children when coming to read a book.

Renew Your Book’s Collections

Give your children a new breath to read by giving them new books frequently. This means, you as a parent have a task to frequently purchase new books perhaps once a month or once in two months, that’s your decision to make. But keep in mind to reread or keep the books that are your children's favorite ones, this could be based on the illustrations in the book, the story-telling or the characters are their favorite figure because of the looks or what they do.

Choose Books about what’s Their Interest

Confused about what books to buy for your children? Instead of buying books that tell a story with good values, try buying children’s books about their interests. It could be about their favorite sports, hobbies, animals, and much more. For instance, if your children love to play basketball, you could buy books that are about basketball too, or perhaps that tells about basketball athletes for them to be inspired.

Give Books as a Reward

Every achievement your children do need to be appreciated by giving them rewards. For instance, buying them clothes, give them extra money, or perhaps giving books as a reward is also a good way. But don’t do it too often, because it’ll make them get bored of it just let them finish reading one book at a time.

Read it Out Loud since an early age

Always keep in mind, if you want to raise children who love to read, you must accompany them in reading and read it to them since they’re at an early age. This will stimulate their brain to start gaining knowledge in reading, vocabulary, and increase their imagination. You’ll have to do this many times just to build a reading habit. Indeed it’s an exhausting thing to do but it’ll pay off once your children grow up as an individual who loves to read.


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