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eBook - 16 Essential Guides to Self-Publish a Children's Book


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Turn Book Map into a Beautiful Children's Book


At TullipStudio, we turn your cherished stories into beautifully illustrated children's books, ready to capture the imaginations of young readers everywhere.

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Real-time consultation - FREE

Unlike generic articles or videos, we offer real-time consultations through Zoom or Google Meet. Talk directly with our experts to avoid common pitfalls and get answers tailored to your unique situation.

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A book map, or a children’s book template, is a kind of blueprint, a visual plan of the book layout, text placement, story pacing, and illustrations. This is really helpful for aspiring authors and used by professional authors as well for crafting their books.

Use a Writing Template for FREE

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Beware of Fake Illustrations!


A fake illustrator will give you clipart. Learn how to avoid a copyright issue in the future.

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