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We will reveal their secret!


Look at the images below.


Most of the authors didn’t realize that their illustrators had cheated them.

They used
STOCK IMAGES, which they simply downloaded from Freepik or Vecteezy, slighty edited, and declared as their own art!

Comparing fake images with real ones.



1. Copyright Issues

You will face copyright issues in the future. If you don't have the license from the real illustrator of the clip art, it means you stole their work too. 


Although you already paid the fake illustrator, it doesn't mean you purchased the clip art. Mostly, the fake illustrator stole the clip art, too. It means, your book is illegal to sell.


2. Poor Quality

Basically, the fake illustrator doesn't have any sense of art. They just trying to match the clipart with your book text and edit it. Of course, you will receive a poor-quality of work.


3. Low Originality and Uniqueness

The same clipart will be used for other books by other authors.


1. Compare the Price

There is a huge difference between a real artist and a fake one. A real one, of course, will charge much more than a fake one.


It usually costs USD 35 - USD 150 or higher just for ONE illustration. They create everything from scratch, spending a couple of hours or days to create a genuine work of art.


In contrast, fake artists will take less than USD 30 for an illustration. Usually, they cost between USD 5 - USD 20. Of course, everything will be stock images, even the CHARACTERS!



2. Ensure that there is a Sketching Process

A real illustrator will show you the sketch first. This is what we always do for our clients: create an original art piece in the sketching phase, show it to the client, and revise based on their feedback.


We only continue the project when they approve the sketches.


3. Investigate the image!

You can easily visit,, or other sites for access to free stock images. Yes, they can download it for FREE and sell it to you.

The images are EDITABLE using particular software, so they can download it and make it suit the story in your book!

They don’t even create an original character. The trick is just to download and edit.

If you don’t have enough money to pay for a professional illustrator, just download the stock image yourself and edit it. Don’t spend your limited funds on fake artists! 


Consider opening a campaign on Kickstarter to fund your book project so that you can pay a real illustrator.

How do we know about all of this stuff?

We’ve been working in this field since 2011, focusing on children’s book illustrations, and we have worked with hundreds of authors.

Some clients find us when they’re working on their second books, and when they show us their first book, BOOM! It is full of stock images!

We investigate the images and discover that they used low-priced illustrators. However, the clients often don’t realize this until we tell them.

Original and Exclusive Illustration
by TullipStudio

We are here as a solution for authors with limited-budget for getting a high-quality and beautiful illustration. Of course, it is 100% ORIGINAL and EXCLUSIVE.

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