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Common Mistakes by Beginner Children's Book Writers

The book’s illustration is an instrument for the sake of either increasing or helping children’s keenness into the books. The children who read a children’s book with a good quality of the illustration would increase their readability and comprehension nicely, otherwise, they would be more struggle in these terms.

By the fact of that, yet, lots of beginner writers could not be aware of it. The poor and the lack of the illustration’s qualities still become a little piece of a deal from a dozen common mistakes in writing structure by the authors.

Let us take a simple explanation, the pupils whose age are ranging from 4 up to 8 years old will not stand by the amount of literacy since in those eras namely “The Golden Age" they are accustomed to seeing colorful world and fun as well, their mindset would be more interested into comic; folklore and so on since they would feel more comfortable and simultaneous well. Thus, this is a reasonable thing why they beat off the number of the subject books without the good illustrations book, isn’t it?

How If It Still Happens?

As we can predict it, it definitely would bring a drawback of the children’s keenness for reading. The worst thing is they would feed up with all of the books without a new concept that could bring them into the new journey with a fun imagination then after it would affect their physic.

Unfortunately, we do not talk about psychology in this time, yet, regarding those statements that finally bring us to the real questions which are why authors especially newcomers could not conform themselves in this regard? And what are the causes? So let’s get into these cases!

Common Mistakes by Beginner Children’s Book Writers and How To Deal With

1. Less of the concept

Beginner writer’s mistakes for children’s books number one is lack of the concept. A lot of authors get this problem repeatedly, even they don’t know what should they do.

So, the important thing before jumping into your project is “well preparation”. Taking some of the references that you need, deciding the topic, arranging the structures and the storylines, deciding the moral values, prepare for the funds, and whatnot. It would consume a lot of time, energy, materialistic indeed, but it doesn’t matter for your best project result soon.

2. Take too much idealism

We all have already known that the idealism is an important thing for doing some work or project, but, is the idealism still needed in this regard? The answer is vivid, yes, but it means not at all, you have to still notice that the readers of yours are pupils.

You have to clear up and shorten your own implied message attached with some of the high-quality illustrations so that the readers would not very endeavor in your book. Again, even though a book of yours is well prepared and also has some better illustrations, but it is absolutely nonsense and redundant when you could not attract your audiences which is children ages because of your rumbling concepts.

3. Handle all of the entire project

As we have already mentioned in the 1st point of the common writing mistakes that you have to prepare your funds. Get in touch with another person who could hands you is better than solitary! Remember that you need the best result.

As an author, you would really struggle with your ideas, even though you have the ability in this regard but you would lose your soul where in essence you just need to devote yourself into the better story and material. So, a piece of advice is hiring the experienced talent or artist to do your illustrations book so not only they would ease your way but they would also give as best result in detail.

4. Let the illustrator work alone

Last but not least is a misunderstanding between the author with the illustrator, it often happens because the relationship between both of them is not quite well. As an author you have to know that children’s book illustrator always faces with a thousand clients criteria and a thousand story drafts, so they might give you an advice for the best. Just remember that in this case, you would need more insights. The more insights the better result would you get it.

You have to always discuss what you need to represent your project as well. Do not be shy if you want to take some of the revisions when you find the defective results or maybe do not match your criteria.

Those are 4 common mistakes that you do not want to get in the future as a newcomer author for children’s books. Indeed, becoming a writer is not that easy but the best thing you need to do is only jot down whatever the raw drafts are. The more writing you are, the more experience would you milk it.

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