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Discuss Everything

First of all, we have to discuss your children's book project. We would talk about the characters, idea, concept, price, timeframe, etc.

If there are any unusual aspects to your project, please ensure you also advise us of these.

Start The Project!

Once everything has been agreed,

we will commence the work!
We will undertake some initial sketches for you to approve. There is no need for an upfront payment at this stage, all we need is your cooperation :)



Once the sketches are finalized, now it is time to review the illustrations and let us know what you think. If you are happy with them, and you want to continue the work and turn it into finished artwork, you need to make the payment, as per the discussion at the beginning of this process.
Of course, we will update you on the progress of the project.

Project Completed!

Finally! Your children's book is finished!

We will show you the preview. After you completed the payment, we will deliver the whole files immediately, including the certificate license.

Then, your book is ready to print and sell!

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