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When a project completed, we always ask for their opinions.

Here what they are saying.

Milton D. Jones

Great communication. Will use again (and again)

KP Graham

Very communicative seller and an absolute pleasure to work with!


As always, the illustrations are exactly how we envisioned them.


Easy to communicate with and fast turnaround of project. Look forward to working with them again soon.

Joseline J. Handrick

I am writing a children's book, and the illustrations are exactly what i am looking for, great results, and very responsive.

Peter Brouton

My run to place for anything graphic and photo related, professional and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended if it's not them then none can do it better.

Crystal Leonard

Requires multiple prompts for edits but overall good job! Willing to make changes as needed


They went from an idea In my head to exactly the product on paper


Fantastic experience once again. The timings were bit out on this project but that was down to me as I didn't get back to the questions over the Christmas holidays. 

Ohana Ecommerce

Creativity, availability and reliability

Classic Age Publisher

such an amazing designer, and when I requested revisions he never complained no matter how many times. very talented or rather Good. 

Toby Saunders

Though initially the project didn't match what I wanted after revisions I was delighted with what tullipstudio's produced. Great response time, unlimited revisions all for an extremely modest price. Would order again!


Always very responsive... Will use again

Adam Abra

Well, the delivery is good, but seems they are very busy with orders, thanks. 

Nishika Edwards

Great at delivering quality work

Emily Sitton

Did graphics for a book of mine. They turned out really good.


love them :) they're the best! they fast, understand quickly what you had in mind, do a great job and are easy to talk to! Love'em!


Excellent! They were very prompt about making changes and listened to what I wanted and needed. I look forward to working with them again on another project.

Norman Kent Mower

Very good, at times I felt like communication was a little bit challenging on both our part and the seller, but we worked it out, They work well in changing and getting the order how we wanted it.

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